Company Culture


Business in America has shown proof of Nepotism across all industries. Nepotism not only contradicts basic moral principles, it is also just bad business. It puts unworthy candidates into positions of leadership, which sub-sequently tarnishes the work culture for others. Nepotism also leads to overwhelmed and un-prepared workers who were not suited for their position. These individuals attain their roles because a friend or family member and are not actually suited for said role. This ultimately leads to failure for these “favored” employees. Damaged work culture paired with un-skilled leaders causes inferior products and services for customers. As evidenced, everyone loses when nepotism occurs in the workplace. At Prestige International Chicago, we pride ourselves on having results based promotions and hires by relying on pre-determined criteria.


Internal Training

Our A-grade internal training programs ensure that every team member is set up for success. Our programs include real-life problems, challenges and scenarios that employees experience on a daily basis. We don’t believe in trainers or supervisors, we believe in mentors. Having a great mentor is priceless and this is why our training programs are lead by the industry’s top performing individuals who have years of in-field experience. Every single team member at Prestige International Chicago is paired up with a mentor who has previously achieved the highest levels of success in their respective role. At Prestige International Chicago, every Executive Manager has started at the entry level, and worked their way up the corporate ladder. 



Employees who are passionate about what they do will be happier in life and more successful in business. As Steve Jobs described, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. Any team member at Prestige International Chicago will tell you, our passion comes from caring deeply about our daily operations, finding pride in where we work, and being personally motivated by our goals. Passion creates an un-relenting desire to succeed where people always seem to find the motivation to surpass their targets. “There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than to follow your passions in a way that serves the world and you” -Richard Branson.